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The first CASA program was established by a judge, and judges continue to play a key role in developing new CASA/GAL programs, sustaining existing programs and expanding the network.  An effective relationship between the program and the court is essential to CASA programs’ ability to provide effective volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children. 

From 2003-2008, the National CASA Association and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges formed a partnership known as the Judicial Liaison Committee. The Committee was dedicated to identifying all judges who head child welfar cases and providing them with access to technical assistance and education offered by both national organizations. The committee sponsored The Judges’ Page, a number of books and articles, a DVD/video and the “Lead Judge Project.” 


Judicial Leadership Council Members
June 20, 2018

The purpose of this council is to strengthen and develop ongoing relationships; provide input and recommendations to National CASA on ways to engage the judiciary; bring the judicial officers’ voice to National CASA’s work on developing a network wide growth process and strategy; and assist in the design and development of a new Judicial Involvement Initiative.

The 12 members on the leadership council are: 
• Hon. Darlene Byrne, Austin, TX
• Hon. Sheila Calloway, Nashville, TN
• Hon. Ernestine Gray, New Orleans, LA
• Hon. Leslie Halligan, Missoula, MT
• Hon. Linda Bratton Haynes, Decatur, GA
• Hon. Michelle M. Hurley, Columbia, SC
• Hon. William Owens, Ottumwa, IA
• Hon. Kea Riggs, Roswell, NM
• Hon. Brandi H. Rogers, Marion, KY
• Hon. Frank P. Sullivan, Las Vegas, NV
• Hon. Katherine Tennyson, Portland, OR
• Hon. Juan Ulloa, El Centro, CA 


National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Resources

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges is dedicated to serving the nation’s children and families by improving the courts of juvenile and family jurisdictions. Website…

  • NCJFCJ’s 14-minute video on how CASA programs benefit dependency courts and the children they serve—View it now.
  • NCJFCJ’s Juvenile and Family Justice TODAY features articles on the judicial role in creating and supporting CASA/GAL programs and a board resolution supporting recruitment of CASA volunteers of color.  Read more… (163 KB PDF)
  • NCJFCJ’s Policy Statement“Judicial Responsibility in a Budget Crisis Environment,” gives guidance to dependency court judges making reasonable efforts findings for the provision of services as required under federal and state laws.
  • Judges Value CASA Volunteers But Need More of Them
    Survey shows that judges find the work of CASA/GAL volunteers to be high quality, beneficial to judicial decision-making and beneficial to the children and families served. But more volunteers are needed.


National CASA Association Resources