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Whether board members are old or new, there are plenty of good reasons to offer training for board members. New board members often join a board because of their passion and belief in the organization’s mission and vision. The enthusiasm that new board members bring to an existing board is contagious and can bring new life to the board. New members bring a new perspective, new ideas, new connections, and a larger scope to the issues. Seasoned board members play an important role in mentoring new board members and planning for succession.

Occasionally, new board members don’t realize the full scope of their new board responsibilities until they’ve been sworn in. Training and mentoring new board members in all aspects of the organization and Board of Directors roles, improve the overall effectiveness of the board. Existing board members help protect the board legally. They also have the responsibility for overseeing fiduciary matters such as approving budgets, reviewing financial reports, and managing resources. Productive meetings are the payoff for instilling greater confidence among all board members.

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